Thursday, August 30, 2012
  1. When it is both books and TV I usually make what I feel & if ppl complain I say “It’s from the book”and when ppl say I look like them”thanks”block
  2. I used the show as my main reference, but there are lots of parts of my costume that were different and Baratheon is my most popular cosplay!

Ah thanks guys~

I’m pretty much following the show’s costume for my main reference too but I am sticking close to the colour choice,  I’m sure adjusting the tunics colour won’t be a great loss at all.

Posted on August/30/2012
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  1. xmoonlilyx said: I doubt anyone will notice tbh. My dress is slightly lighter than the colour in the show but the colours are so specific it would be impossible to match it perfectly!
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