Monday, May 27, 2013
Truth be told. Expos over.

I’m shit scared of seeing any of my Mituna shots because yeah p.unflattering…., ahhhyeah which pretty much destroyed me at expo, but was beyond caring through Sunst anymore because of what happened with unpacking it… ~__~

It was great seeing hanging out with friends & catching up with others. i didn’t take my camera out as much for general snapping brcause grey skin & skateboard was in thr way but did do some shoots;;;

Plane leaves in an hour, totally ill with conflu & absolutely knackered!
So much cosplay plans being put up for fillers & kitacon 2014.
Roll on Ayacon.

Monday, May 28, 2012
 GAHHH I have 685 homestuck photos across dslr cam,camcorder and iphone to go through D:
Dave lacks tumblr (I think?) but Dave is Dave.
Photo: Will

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